vBulletin Mobile Theme

We've built our vBulletin Mobile Theme for both vBulletin 3 and vBulletin 4. It’s perfectly integrated into vBulletin, extremely fast & flexible, providing a great mobile experience. We're selling a limited amount to keep it somewhat exclusive to our clients and to guarantee top quality support & customizations.

Have a Closer Look

We built vBMobile to focus on the core functionality of vBulletin.
It's a fast, simple, lightweight mobile experience. Your community will love it!

Fast Mobile Experience

vBMobile provides a fast, great mobile experience for your community.

Color Schemes

Create unlimted color schemes with just a few basic CSS edits.

Cross Browser Support

No matter the device, we've got you covered. vBMobile works on all modern smartphones browsers.

Modern Design

Your outdated vBulletin software now looks like it was built this year!

Mobile Responsive vBulletin 4 Theme

Our vBulletin 4 Responsive Theme is cross-device friendly & passes all of Google's tests! Your site will have a great lightweight modern design, that is fully responsive focused on providing a great cross-device experience.

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vBulletin 3
Mobile Theme

The vBulletin 3 mobile theme is perfectly integrated into the latest version of vBulletin 3, and passes all of Google's mobile tests. It's a separate theme from your main desktop version, get setup in minutes!

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Awesome Features

When we were building vBMobile, we wanted to focus on the core functionality of vBulletin.
So, we simplified the vBulletin design & built vBMobile to be very flexible & content focused.

Easy to Customize

Our vBulletin mobile skin is made so that it's very flexible & easy to customize.

Cross Device Support

The vBulletin mobile skin works on both iPhone and Android devices.

Increase Activity

You'll see increased traffic, activity & performance across mobile devices.

Premium Support

Your vBulletin mobile skin comes with 3 months of free email support.

Mininmal Design

The simple, beautiful design of vBMobile provides a great experience.

Pages & Plugins

Perfectly integrated into vBulletin so you can create custom pages & plugins!

Made with Love

We created this because we care deeply about the vBulletin community.

Ad Integration

Easily integrate your ads across vBMobile. Increase Mobile Revenue!

Our Pricing Plan

Your purchase is valid for one vBMobile license, any additional site license is 50% off.
It takes 10 minutes to install and setup your vBMobile after you download the file.

vBMobile License


Get In Touch

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about vBMobile.
We are available for custom work if you have a large mobile project.

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